At Elliott Scott HR we focus on Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) from both an external and an internal perspective.

Externally our consultants are mindful of D&I principles when sourcing candidates and they advise clients accordingly. We back this up with team training and workshops exploring pertinent D&I topics. Across the Group we are aware of the challenges and opportunities D&I topics present to organisations in their local markets. 

Our client base is also diverse as we work with a wide range of organisations, from blue-chip multinationals to local SMEs. On the candidate side, given our global presence, we constantly meet with globally mobile candidates in one market who are keen to explore opportunities elsewhere in the world, which means our clients benefit from a more diverse candidate shortlist. 

Internally we pride ourselves on having a diverse and inclusive workforce. Of our 27 team members globally, 22 are female. Many of our offices feature a mix of locals and expatriates, with the following nationalities represented: Australian, Canadian, Hong-Kong Chinese, English, Greek, German, Venezuelan, Malaysian, American, Brazilian, Sri-Lankan and Scottish. The team is made up of various levels of experience and backgrounds. We employ consultants who have worked solely in recruitment and those who have had HR careers. Three out of the six senior managers in the global team are female. We offer a variety of flexible working arrangements to support our teams’ needs and have working mothers in a number of our offices. We also support global mobility within our team. Having staff relocate from one office location to another brings valuable knowledge, experience and cultural awareness, adding direct value to our candidates, clients and colleagues.