Q3 2013 - Global Update

As the humidity drops in Hong Kong to reveal my favourite time of year here, I am about to reflect on a Quarter that has yet again exceeded anything I could ever have dreamed of. This quarter has seen trips to Singapore, Sao Paulo and New York and while each location is very different in style they are all evolving businesses that are allowing us to really change the product offering that we can give clients.

Because of that, each of the country leaders will now give you a review that details more closely the HR market there, while this report will start to tell you more about what we are doing as a global business and where we can potentially assist you further. Having traveled to New York in September it was the first time I was truly able to sit down with Global HR leaders and start to really join the dots for our clients. For the first time in my career conversations began with why I was there and then fleeted from Hong Kong to Singapore and then down to Brazil. What was exceptionally interesting in all of this was how truly valued our views and opinions were to leaders that just don’t spend enough time in these remote locations. With that in mind I have really found that social media has started to help us as a business, people might not necessarily be interested in what I say but just knowing that I will be in New York or Brazil has prompted clients to reach out and meet even in advance of potential hiring needs.

While the world is getting smaller, we all still like to work with people we know and that model/philosophy remains true for us, relationships are what count and we wouldn’t get anywhere if we didn’t truly value and cherish the people that we work with.


We are hugely pleased to have Louisa Tang joining us in Hong Kong and who will take over from Kitty Chung as our Office Manager. Louisa comes with some great experience from Judd Farris where she worked in Hong Kong, Singapore and Shanghai and truly understands a growing recruitment business. In amongst all of this it means that Kitty is moving on and will be looking to take a bit of break for the next year or so. I am exceptionally sad to see Kitty leave and I will never forget the help and hard work that she has put into us as a business.


As we continue to build our offering this quarter has seen us move into our own branded space in Hong Kong and also sign a lease in Brazil that will really allow us to take the business to the next level. The office in Hong Kong has room for 14 people should we need it while in Brazil we’ll be moving just down the road and have space for 6-8 people as we grow in LATAM.


The links to the regional updates are below:

North Asia

South East Asia

North America



Thank you as always for your ongoing support and please do not hesitate to reach out to me directly should you need anything.

Stuart Elliott

Global MD
+852 2526 8588

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