Q3 Quarterly Update 2013 – North America

On my commute to our new office in Grand Central, I read an article written by Tom Monahan, CEO of the Corporate Executive Board, entitled “How I Hire: Find Ballplayers, Not Those Who Look Good in Baseball Caps”. I chuckled to myself in the realization that this is exactly our challenge in finding strong, deep HR talent. America is filled with savvy HR professionals who can talk a very good game, but can they back up the talk with action? Can they hit or just throw a good pitch? That is what we are here to find out.

Elliott Scott New York officially launched on July 15th after spending two months working with accountants, lawyers and launching a market intelligence campaign. In early August, Daniel Herskowitz came onboard. Danny brings a solid technical recruiting background. Together, we have been pleasantly surprised in the receptiveness of candidates and clients alike on their willingness to network, share their contacts and provide good insight.

On the job front, we are seeing a wide variety of positions available in level and industry. Hiring has picked up of late, post the notoriously slower summer months. The US market is far from what it used to be, but it’s improving. We’ve found it to be a great time to lay a foundation for our firm here in New York.

As a business we have been working on roles not just in New York, but across the country from Michigan to Texas to California. We are well suited to provide support for companies who require top HR professionals anywhere in the US (and with the help of my colleagues in HK, SG and Sao Paolo, almost anywhere in the world).

In fact, we are uniquely suited to educate global heads in New York on HR talent and trends in Asia and South America. We found this to be especially true during Stuart’s recent visit to NY. We met with a number of global heads not only to understand their roles here in New York, but also to discuss their plans for hires in other regions. We provided them with valuable guidance, followed up by an introduction to our colleagues on the ground in Hong Kong, Singapore and Sao Paolo for further insight and assistance on open positions.

Elliott Scott USA is off to a great start in New York City. The candidates and clients have welcomed us and we’re associating ourselves with the best ball players in the market.

If you would like further information on Elliott Scott in the US please do not hesitate to contact me.

Jennifer Berger, MD North America
+1 646 741-8001

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