Q4 Quarterly Update 2013 – LATAM

We finished 2013 packing our things and heading to our new office. To do that, we broke a few world records building our new office from scratch in less than 25 days (considering holidays!). We also had to work twice as hard, as many of our clients needed to close some last
minute positions.

As for the market, we saw a lot of activity in this past months, it didn’t seemed like Q4 at all. Our portfolio was very diverse, working with consumer goods, services, industries, etc. It was nice to receive some phone ins, for me this is the best KPI to assure that we are on the right path. I’d like to send a special “thanks” to all our clients and candidates who are helping us to build our brand. We worked on many generalist
roles in every seniority levels, and the best thing about this kind of position is that we are able to show all of our market expertise, providing solutions that some clients found very innovative, especially considering different cultures and segments. We also had some new clients in other locations such as Vale do Paraíba, Campinas, Minas Gerais. We are happy to know that HR professionals are being well received in several locations other than just São Paulo.

Elliott Scott Brazil has definitely had a great first year. The HR community is very pleased to know that now they have someone to talk. Not only a brand, but honest people who really believe in specialism and proximity. We are now ready to continue this line of success, knowing that we have a very challenging year ahead of us. We have carnival in March, World Cup in July (yes, we will have a big screen TV here to
follow up every detail of the competition), and presidential elections in October. Usually only one of this events is enough to create chaos around here, so let’s see how we will handle this.

Besides all that, clients and candidates are keen to agree that 2014 will be a great year for Brazil. We are on the spotlights and we need to take some advantage on that. We do have many markets to explore, such as tourism, infrastructure and services. This is just an example of segments that are investing a lot considering the World Cup. Let’s keep an eye on that.

Just as my colleague Jennifer from Elliott Scott US, we plan to grow our team in 2014 to support our clients. If you know of any great agency recruiters or perhaps an HR professional looking to move into an agency, please let me know. It would be my pleasure to speak with them.

Andre Magro, Managing Director, LATAM
+55 11 3048 4219


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