2014 HR Survey Results – United States

When we launched this survey we published it as a salary survey first and foremost, however after looking at the results and seeing some of the interesting data that has come as a result, I’ve realized that this is more of an HR trend analysis than it is a salary survey. The results on pay increases and bonuses are always useful but, for me anyway, it is the trends and demographic data that I have found particularly fascinating. In each country survey we have made comparisons with the global data that we have received, which should attempt to make the data ever more relevant for global HR leaders.

The specific HR trends for the US pull up some great facts but if I have to pick a few highlights the main three would be:

1. Tenure has been an interesting statistic to read about across the globe and while we seem to have found locations that have people making too many moves, you do also wonder if people in the US make enough!? 41% of people in the US had been with their firm 4+ years and while it is nice to see loyalty the question that candidates should be asking is more around their own career progression. Are they being stretched?

2. 42% of people in the US were either pleased or very pleased with their pay rises compared to a global mean of 28.3% and just 21% in Hong Kong. The GFC might well address some of the goodwill towards pay, with a lot of people just happy to be in a job and grateful for any pay rise. However I also believe that cultural issues play a part and that pay, while important, isn’t necessarily as high on an individual’s agenda in the US as it is in Asia.

3. Holiday allowances in the US rank highest for the least amount given to staff. 58% of people receive less than 20 days, which is the highest distribution in this category anywhere in the world.

The data provided is obviously just a sample of people that are known to us and while we might not know everyone, some of the insights are very valuable. I’ve never looked into trends like this globally before and hope this survey shows that as a business we are truly looking to add a greater value to the global HR community.

If you would like to discuss any of the results in this survey please do not hesitate to contact me direct. I hope you enjoy reading.

Stuart Elliott
Managing Director, Global

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