My Internship at Elliott Scott HR, London

By Sophie Fry

As a Japanese and Chinese student at Durham University, I was initially drawn to Elliott Scott HR due to its roots in South East Asia and global growth thereafter. In the lead up to my year abroad in Japan, I was given the opportunity by the CEO, Stuart Elliott, to work as an intern in their London office over the summer, which has proven to be an invaluable experience not only in terms of corporate exposure, but due to the local and global colleagues I have met and interacted with over the course of my internship.

For me, an ideal career is one which offers diversity and client-facing opportunities. Recruitment, especially at Elliott Scott HR, caters to both of these criteria due to its global scope and end-to-end service for both clients and HR professionals alike. Additionally, the idea of working in the heart of London meant that this was an opportunity which I was very keen to take up and delve into.

My responsibilities allowed me to engage in various projects and work in close proximity with both Stuart and the Head of our UK office, Kirstin MacLaren, functioning as a researcher and the initial contact for potential and existing candidates, as well as assisting colleagues in our global offices with system updates and formatting CVs. A particular highlight of my internship was attending a client meeting with Stuart and gaining first-hand insight into just how Elliott Scott HR goes about tailoring their services to meet their client’s needs. My experiences not only afforded me an in-depth understanding of the recruitment process, but because Elliott Scott HR focuses on HR recruitment, I gained a firm awareness of the growing complexities of the HR function.

In addition to the satisfaction involved in the work, it was definitely those who I worked with that made the experience for me. I was made to feel like a valued member of the team and despite their busy schedules they were committed to ensuring that I gained everything I could from this opportunity.

Whilst working at Elliott Scott HR I honestly looked forward to getting to work each morning and although I am excited to start my year in Tokyo, I will miss and would like to thank everyone here in the London office and beyond who welcomed me into the company and allowed me to have such an interesting and enjoyable experience.


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