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Working as a recruitment consultant for the past five years, I have had the privilege to help hundreds of people improve their resumes, better prepare themselves for interviews and secure new position.

Now in my current role, covering the Global Mobility industry in the US for HR recruitment specialists Elliott Scott HR, I regularly hear from people who are interested in changing directions professionally. My advice – consider a role in Global Mobility. Not only is it a fantastic industry with a tight-knit community, it also offers a range of diverse and engaging career opportunities.

Ask anyone who works in Global Mobility and most will admit they didn’t grow up dreaming about relocating employees and their families around the world for a living. They seem to have all stumbled into their careers. But that doesn’t mean they find it any less rewarding.

A study conducted in September this year by The Conference Board has forecasted global economic growth by 2.6 percent for this coming 2017. This will play a role in the growth and demand within the Global Mobility industry as a whole. It will require organizations to re-think and look at adjusting their hiring strategies to include considering candidates coming from organizations outside of the industry – providing opportunities for those thinking about making a move to a new industry.

What is Global Mobility?

Firstly, you need to understand what the Global Mobility or Relocation industry is. It’s essentially all of the services that are provided to transferring or relocating employees both internally and externally. There a many complexities involved in the relocation process for a transferee, requiring a number of different parts working together to ensure that the employee’s relocation experience is as seamless as possible. The services that are provided to the transferee will vary case-by-case, and no one employee will have the same move as another, as we all have different needs and requirements for ourselves and our loved ones.  

There are a multitude of individuals who work together to make this process happen. Global Mobility professionals can be from within the HR department of an organization, or with an outsourced provider such as a relocation management firm, or a more specialized third-party provider that might specialize in areas such as immigration, language training, destinations services, or expatriate tax & global compensation/payroll services.

Finding a Career in Global Mobility

Understanding the Value of Customer Service

Industries such as real-estate, mortgage, property management, travel management and human resources provide you with the customer service skills that are vital to Global Mobility. I have helped many individuals from these sectors transition into roles which they find both personally and professionally rewarding.

Bringing Specialist Skills to a New Industry

Many relocation management companies are interested in hiring already established and skilled professionals from external industries to apply these skills within their space. If you work in accounting & finance, logistics, sales & business development, supply chain, information technology or proposal writing/marketing, then you have the specialist skills to find a job in global mobility.

Training and Accreditation

I recommend for all Global Mobility professionals to acquire CRP or GMS designations, both of which are offered by the Worldwide ERC. These designations offer individuals the foundation and core knowledge base around all aspects of relocating employees. They are highly desirable to potential employers and many times are a requirement depending on the position. The ERC also holds a number conferences and events that are valuable from a networking perspective, and I personally attend both the Americas Mobility Conference in the Spring as well as the Global Workforce Symposium in the Fall. The latter event is where I am writing this article at this very moment!

Find a Mentor

Find mentors or experienced professionals within the industry to give you the guidance you need to find the right career path you want. A Global Mobility recruitment specialist like myself is a good place to start. We have an established network within the industry and can present your profile to prospective employers. What’s more is that we can introduce you to decision makers within the industry to help you learn more about the business – and potentially help you land a new job.

If you are interested in discussing more about the Global Mobility industry and potential opportunities please e-mail me on so we can setup an introductory meeting. I look forward to exploring this exciting with you further!

Daniel Herskowitz


This article originally appeared on LinkedIn Pulse 

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