The Elliott Scott HR 2016 Global Mobility Survey Results


I would like to thank everyone who took the time to participate in Elliott Scott HR’s 2016 Global Mobility Survey. We truly appreciate your contribution, as this content would not exist without your help. When reviewing the results of the survey we identified some very interesting patterns and themes that seem to support what we have been noticing within the industry this past year. 


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The questions in our survey were designed in a way that would allow us to get a high-level overview or snapshot around some of the key trends and patterns that Global Mobility professionals have observed within the industry in 2016. 


In relation to 2016 trends, the majority of the respondents noticed an increase in business restructuring with a decrease in expat/relocation packages for this year. Participants also observed an increase in the globalization of the workforce which is of course an apparent trend across almost all business sectors today. 


What will 2017 bring the Global Mobility industry? According to the results of our survey we will continue to see an increase in the globalization of the work force, with new advancements in technologies specific to the industry. These two findings clearly go hand-in-hand with one another as new technologies will provide organizations with more efficient ways to help assignees relocate themselves and their families. The survey also revealed that many believe employees will be affected by some form of restructuring/decrease in headcounts this coming year.


I found the top 3 challenges faced by individuals within Global Mobility particularly interesting, as I believe this is the type of data that can really help organizations identify where they can make improvements or adjustments to their Global Mobility process and to their business in general. The number one challenge that Global Mobility professional’s observed this year was Talent retention. This is certainly a topic that we have done a tremendous amount of research on and have a lot of experience with in HR recruitment here at Elliott Scott. Participants also said that navigating the various regulations in global markets was a big challenge for many of them. Additionally a majority of respondents saw a contraction or slowing down of the industry as a whole this past year as a direct result of various political/economic factors that took place. 


In terms of job satisfaction the number one thing that people said they enjoyed most about working in the Global Mobility industry was the ability to help people. From my own experience, working with both my candidates and clients on a daily basis, I have found that most people get into this industry and many stay, because of the satisfaction they get from providing their services. Similar to what I do personally as a recruiter within the industry here at Elliott Scott, the business is all about the people that we work with and the majority find the solutions they provide to an organization and ultimately their assignees extremely rewarding. We also discovered that people enjoy the exposure that the industry gives them to various markets, as well as the ability they have to help grow and expand an organization. 


I hope that you have found the data in our survey to be useful to you and I am excited to have the opportunity to see what lies ahead for us within the Global Mobility industry this coming 2017! 


If you are interested in discussing the survey further please do not hesitate to reach out to me on

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