Starting My Recruitment Career

I have now been in my new role as an Associate Consultant/Researcher at Elliott Scott HR in New York for four months. Living in NYC is super exciting, while I miss the familiarity of Australia sometimes, I came here for a challenge and to experience new things and the city (and this job) has definitely not disappointed.


I came to America last year on a graduate visa (the J1 for Australians), having studied Psychology. I wasn’t quite sure what career to pursue, so decided to move overseas in the hopes of gaining exposure to different opportunities. Before starting at Elliott Scott HR I worked in retail for a year (in the skincare/fashion industry) and it was this sales experience that eventually led me into Recruitment. 


I’ve always had an interest in HR because of its necessity in business and its reach across sectors. One of the main things I’m enjoying about working at Elliott Scott HR is the opportunity to work with clients from diverse industries, from Entertainment, Fashion, Tech and Financial Services. This diversity has allowed me to learn about all kinds of roles and chat with really interesting people! 


We are all psych nerds here in the NYC office, obsessed with discussing personality types, so it’s been cool to see how different personalities work in certain companies and industries. For instance, as an ENFP personality type, the ever-changing landscape of recruitment and NYC is perfect for me!


I have never worked in Recruitment before so almost everything since day one has been new to me and it truly felt like starting from scratch. However, I’ve always been a very social person, and very interested in other people so it has been great to see those interests transfer over to this job.


My role has started out as a Researcher, which is a great way to get to grips with the business and industry before I move into Consulting. You will often find me viewing hundreds of profiles a week looking for top talent and I’ve slowly started to grasp what a good candidate looks like. I remember during my first month not really being quite sure what I was looking for and feeling quite overwhelmed. Practice makes perfect though, and with the support of my team and other researchers globally, it’s definitely been getting easier.


I’ve also gotten a great insight into the HR community here in NYC. As a team we often go to HR networking events (the city always has a myriad of them) so I’ve begun to get a good understanding of the HR market in New York. Disrupt HR was the first event I attended and it was a great introduction into the HR space (you can read Rosh’s blog about it here). Following this I helped our team put together a free-range thinking event to promote creative innovation in the HR space. 


The other week I attended ‘Hacking HR’, which was a collection of short talks at the intersection of HR and Technology. The speakers touched on some interesting innovations going on in the HR world right now (as well as the world at large). Al Naqvi talked about Artificial Intelligence and its upcoming prevalence in the workforce. He asked us to think - how will HR strategy and operation change when HR suddenly becomes responsible not only for people, but for machines as well?


Francesca Molinaro spoke about Gen Z, their impending prevalence in the workforce and how this will mean company culture will have to change. I found this particularly interesting – born in 1993, I am on the tail end of the millennial generation and I identify with a lot of the typical traits of Gen Z (which Francesca identified as including increased collaboration, entrepreneurialism and less focus on formal education). This hit close to home for me, as much as I love studying and education, sky-rocketing tuition prices make it less feasible every day. Giselle Mota added to this by talking about the need for open source education, as more and more people (often Gen Z) feel less of a need for formal education, and are looking for learning systems that speak to us.


I look forward to learning more, growing my profile in the HR industry and becoming further involved with the community. You can get in touch with me at  

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