One Year On; My Career in HR Recruitment

It’s been a busy year for us in the NYC office, we’ve been expanding our team and, as part of that, I’ve started doing more recruitment myself.

As I start to do more recruiting and less back office work, I’ve been networking with industry professionals at my level (i.e. under 4 years – if this is you please get in touch!) and the best thing about it which has struck me is the fact that I get to speak to my peers - potential new best friends I like to think! 

One thing that I’ve noticed about us as a group (and this mirrors how I felt before I started at Elliott Scott HR 18 months ago) is junior candidates haven’t been taught how to job hunt. From writing a resume, to following up with people, to prepping for interviews and going through a process, it’s all new - and it’s not exactly a course they teach in university.

In high school we get guidance on our ‘career path’ but not on the actual process of obtaining jobs. This is why agencies can be so helpful as we’re essentially career counsellors for adults. I sometimes feel like job hunting requires a therapist on hand, it can be so taxing and requires a lot of resilience and perseverance to keep on going despite obstacles. In some ways we provide that emotional support as well, just by lending an ear.

In the last few months I’ve had candidates ask me all kinds of questions about recruitment including how to; make resumes easier to read, prep for a first screen, structure answers in an interview, find hidden opportunities, network and even guidance on how to resign from a job. 

While I can’t say that I have years and years of experience with this on the employer side I can say that I have some good experience on the candidate side and I also, first and foremost, have a really supportive team with a wealth of knowledge among them who are always willing to listen and provide some really useful advice. 

In fact, after 18 months in the HR recruitment industry I can finally say I have (a few) answers myself and I always enjoy providing guidance because it leads to better relationships and more interesting conversations too.

These are my top 3 tips for junior candidates looking for a new opportunity:​

  1. Tailor your resume to every job you apply for. Try to pull out the bits that are directly relevant to the job/company and leave the rest out.
  2. Be open to different things, and always say yes to interviews. Sometimes you can’t really know if it’s right for you until you interview and find out more about the company directly.
  3. Do lots of research and try to have some fun with your job hunt! Applying for things over and over again can be so demoralizing – but it’s also an opportunity to learn a lot about different companies and industries and to meet and speak to new people. Do lots of research and prep for interviews as much as you can, you might even end up having some really interesting conversations along the way.

I’m always looking to connect with HR industry professionals and if you are a junior HR candidate in the US looking for advice on your career then I would be happy to help! Please reach out to me at

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