Trust & Communication is Key: My Elliott Scott HR Journey


Feb 2017 - I vividly remember the day when Kirstin Hunt (Director, Head of UK and Europe) messaged me on LinkedIn asking if I would be open to having a chat about a Researcher role at Elliott Scott HR (ESHR). At the time, I wasn’t loving my current job and to be honest, I didn’t feel my work was adding much value. With nothing to lose, I hit the ‘I want to learn more’ button and a few meetings later, I was offered a role and couldn’t wait to start. I had a great feeling about this one! 


March 2017 - I joined a small and newly created team in London. My role was to help build a strong database and support the consultants across any administrative and recruiting activities, getting to know the market and most importantly absorbing, observing and learning! Needless to say it was a busy time; working as a part of a small team gives you a lot of exposure to the business. You won’t always have the answers or a guidebook to follow and it takes resilience and pro-activeness to figure things out, but it definitely comes with a high level of satisfaction and you feel truly valued. 


December 2019 – My first year at ESHR has been a steep learning curve. Whenever I settled into my comfort zone, Kirstin made sure to set new goals and push me further. Was I always happy about that? Absolutely not! Did it pay of? Definitely, yes! Having taken on more responsibility and working on my own roles with the support of my team, I was promoted to Associate Consultant.


With my role expanding, I was fortunate to go to a client meeting in France and to work closely with our CEO, Stuart Elliott. This has since developed and I am now supporting him on other international roles.  As a business our global connectivity has been really useful in this expansion and ability to focus on relationships and opportunities outside of the UK.  


February 2020 – Another crazy year has gone by. I was promoted to Consultant, I got married (do I even have to mention my colleagues came all the way to Poland to celebrate this special moment with me?) and I was ready for some big changes in my life. Although I love London with all my heart and I have spent most of my adulthood there, I always planned to return to Poland, it’s where I grew up and my family live. I have always talked about this openly with my team. When decision time came, I was offered to stay with ESHR and work remotely from Poland, keeping my UK remit and working with Stuart and Kirstin on building our European presence. Elliott Scott HR has always been very supportive but this decision was something else, it was really going that extra mile (or 944 miles to be precise!).


May 2020 – I am writing this blog from my home town in Poland and reflecting on how my ESHR journey has developed. When I think back, I can see how much has changed and most importantly how much I have changed and progressed. Naturally it has had its ups and downs but I have always felt supported and valued through these times.


Working remotely will undoubtedly be an adjustment, but I’m excited to take it on, and for many of us it’s currently our ‘new normal’. It wouldn’t be possible without the technology we have that allows me to stay in touch with our candidates and clients. We have always preferred face to face meetings to really get to know our HR contacts but Zoom video calls are a great alternative and it is so much nicer to be able to put a face to a name and feel less ‘anonymous’. We have also been running HR webinars on wide ranging topics including Resilience, Virtual Presence and Embedding Inclusion. Furthermore we are running bi-monthly coffee clubs in which small groups of HR professionals get together for a virtual coffee to download on the last couple of weeks, share their challenges and support each other which has been appreciated now more than ever!  All of this has really helped me to still feel very connected to our HR community and to our team. 


Last but not least, I wouldn’t be where I am now without the trust and relationships I have built. We have many great benefits at ESHR, like the ability to work remotely and unlimited holiday (yes unlimited!), but the most important one is definitely the people that create this company, people who genuinely care and make it unique. As a team, we make sure we stay connected. We have daily team meetings to discuss our current roles and priorities and we make time for socialising virtually, getting together for weekly drinks, fitness sessions and to check in with each other. As a social team who would regularly go out in London, I value this time to connect. 


I am genuinely looking forward to my future adventures with ESHR! 


If you would like to get in touch you can reach out to me on LinkedIn or at 

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