A Look into Global Mobility: A Q&A with Stewart McCardle of Weichert Workforce Mobility


Danny Herskowitz leads Elliott Scott Mobility in New York. He recently chatted with Stewart McCardle Senior Vice President, Global Supply Chain and Business Analysis at Weichert Workforce Mobility. 

Tell us about your career trajectory and how you found yourself working in the Global Mobility industry?    

My career started at the Big 4 soon after college. A recruiter called and described the industry, which I had never heard of. He talked about international assignments, taxation, and payroll being core to the services they did. It sounded interesting, so I jumped in, learned it, loved it, and nearly 16 years later I’m still here! 

Can you tell us about Weichert Workforce Mobility and what kind of services they offer?  

Companies use mobility to further their business by getting their employees where they need to be – from interns up to the CEO. We are one the largest mobility companies in the world and offer consulting services, relocation services, assignment management services, and tax compliance services to our corporate clients. And we support customers who move domestically with services like selling homes, finding homes or rentals, and shipping their homes and cars to the new location. Internationally, we help obtain proper immigration documents, finding local housing, language lessons, cultural training, schooling, and household good shipments.

Can you provide us with any case studies or testimonials from those that have benefited from Weichert Workforce Mobility’s services? 

Absolutely! Servicing our customers is at the core of who we are at Weichert. We aim to deliver what we call “Legendary Service” – service that you will always remember and would tell others about.  Each year we collect Legendary Service Stories from across the 40,000+ moves we do and select a group of winners for the year. They are published in a book, which is shared internally and with our clients. And each winner is awarded a donation to their favorite charity, so it is a win-win-win for everyone!

What is it like working at Weichert Workforce Mobility? 

We have a pretty strong culture, which is comprised of core beliefs. We believe in collaboration, which occurs within teams, offices, as well as up and down through the organization. We are customer focused and so we look for problem solvers and people who are doers, who want to make a difference and are willing to raise their hand and go for it. This is what I think powers both the front line team who directly service the customer as well as the people supporting them throughout the company. In the end we, have a winning culture but we do it as a team, not as individuals.

What current trends are you seeing in the Global Mobility space and where do you see the industry heading in the next year or so? 

One of the big trends is towards using technology to enhance the customer experience. The need to deliver an experience that lives up to the best consumer experiences, like Amazon or Netflix, is powering a new wave of innovation and disruption within the industry. Large players are adapting and new players are jumping in the market, so it’s an existing time.

What areas of the Global Mobility function do you think could be improved?

One of the biggest challenges is simplifying what can be a long and complex group of services during the course of the mobility experience. The use and ability to leverage information in a more free way would help in this problem, as incorrect, incomplete, and delayed information causes a number of down stream problems for the customer. The fact that a move utilizes many parties – within the company, within the mobility company, and with various 3rd party supplier partners – makes it a real challenge to do securely and effectively. We are looking towards technology like blockchain to be a potential solution because of the ability to provide a secure single source of truth for all parties. 

If you can give any advice to someone that is starting out their career in the Global Mobility industry what would you tell them? 

There is a lot to learn so I would advise them to ask questions.  Ask questions to their colleagues, their manager, and the other teams within the company. There is a lot to learn, so asking ‘why?’ and ‘what would you do here?’ will give you a lot of context very quickly. As the learn develops, continuing to ask questions will help you decide where you want to take your career. Fortunately, the industry has enough variation within it that you may find an area that is really exciting and fulfilling, but you won’t know unless you ask. 

It was great to speak with Stewart and learn more about Weichert Workforce Mobility and his thoughts on the Global Mobility industry. You can get in touch with myself on LinkedIn or at

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