Women In Mobility: Leading Through Crisis


I recently had the privilege to speak with 3 incredible Global Mobility professionals - Olivia Bahrami, Founder & CEO of Prime Communications, Lynn Greenberg, Co-Founder & CEO of Pivt and Sofia Bentinck, CEO & Co-Founder of Anchor Relocation Worldwide. We recorded a panel discussion “Women in Mobility- Leading Through Crisis”. 

Olivia and I met a few months ago and found that we shared a lot of the same thoughts on the Global Mobility industry and very quickly decided that there could be an opportunity for us to collaborate. We then asked Lynn and Sofia to join us as we thought they would be the perfect additions to this project. 

During our first brainstorming session we came up with this concept of Women in Mobility. We felt we hadn’t seen many discussions that were particularly focused around this theme and it struck a chord given that Olivia, Lynn and Sofia were are all CEO’s that had started their own firms from the ground up. We decided that I would moderate the discussion and, as someone in touch with many Global Mobility professionals daily, share my perspective on the topics as well.  

Given the challenging times that many of us have found ourselves in as a result of the pandemic “Leading Through a Crisis” was the perfect title for our discussion. 

When we sat down to record our conversation it turned into a fascinating discussion about not only the challenges we have faced but the successes that we have all had over the past several months as well. We also talked about key Global Mobility and HR trends as well as the very important topic of Duty of Care. 

A big thank you to Olivia, Lynn and Sofia for collaborating on this project. We hope you enjoy the discussion. If you have any thoughts or comments to add please do reach out to me on LinkedIn or at 

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