HR Insights: Making Headlines


We are very excited to announce the launch of HR Insights: Making Headlines with our pilot episode!


In this series Vincent Romano, Managing Director of Elliott Scott HR South Asia and a panel of guests will be discussing and debating the latest regional HR news in APAC. 


In this episode Vincent's guests are:


The following headlines are discussed: 'Shaping the Future of HR' from HRM Magazine, 'Driving an Accelerated Growth Mindset' & 'Total Rewards in the New Normal – How Companies in Asia are Supporting and Motivating Staff' from Human Resources Magazine, and 'Employee Performance vs. Company Values: A Manager’s Dilemma' from Harvard Business Review.


Watch here and be sure to share with your network: 


If you are an HR leader who would be interested in joining Vincent on a future episode and are open to sharing your opinions and having a debate you can get in touch via LinkedIn or at

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