• Tuesday, 21 July 2015
  • Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Bloomberg Thought Leadership Series People and Performance APAC Attracting and Engaging Passive Talent in a Competitive Landscape in the ASEAN region

Bloomberg’s People and Performance APAC series, hosted in partnership with Elliott Scott HR, was held for the first time in Singapore on Tuesday 21st July, 2015, following the series’ launch in Hong Kong in March.

The event provided the opportunity for over 80 senior-level HR professionals to network over drinks and canapés, before hearing insights from thought leaders on the challenges most pertinent for HR in the region.

The keynote speaker was Chris J Reed, founder and global CEO of Black Marketing, a specialist consultancy helping CEOs, entrepreneurs and organisations around the world promote their brand through LinkedIn. Chris shared how HR could get the most out of LinkedIn for recruitment, talent management and employer branding.

Chris’ Top Tips for Success on LinkedIn

Treat LinkedIn as though you are a magazine publisher, and your followers as your readers.

You need to create and curate engaging and compelling content that your employees and followers can share with their network and in groups.

This content will make sharing job opportunities far easier and more effective than blasting jobs on your company’s newsfeed. Consider creating a separate showcase page for jobs.

Mobilising your employees as brand ambassadors empowers your workforce with pride, accentuates a sense of identity and loyalty to your company while inspiring them to amplify your brand.

Following the keynote was a panel discussion on attracting and engaging passive talent in a competitive landscape across the ASEAN region. Facilitated by CEB advisory leader, Shaurav Sen, the panel included Jayesh Menon, Regional HR Director, Asia-Pacific, Itron; Tan Ong Jin, Regional HR Director, AXA Assistance, Asia; Stuart Elliott, CEO and Owner, Elliott Scott Group; and Vandna Ramchandani, Regional Head of Recruitment, Bloomberg.

According to CEB’s data, the ASEAN region has more complex, dynamic talent needs than ever before, as well as increasing proportions of passive talent. Career growth, not just compensation, is key to attracting talent, yet it is also the main reason why talent leaves a company, along with work-life balance and management.

Shaurav suggested that companies would benefit from shifting their employer branding strategy away from branding for appeal, and instead focus on branding for influence, in order to stand out from their competitors. Whereby branding for appeal with sales-focussed messages and channel-driven outreach leaves a company indistinguishable from others, branding for influence focuses more on consultative messages with a messenger-driven approach that provides genuine guidance for talent.

He followed this with questions to the panel on the challenges they have faced in attracting and engaging talent in the region, discussing which channels have been the most or least effective, and what strategies their companies have implemented to develop external talent pools.

“It’s not necessarily just about passive or active recruitment. Any candidate at some point of time becomes active or passive. Markets do change fast.” Jayesh

“We have to be very careful in the recruitment space, for when we offer a job, we are essentially changing lives, something which I don’t think we are necessarily conscious of enough.” Jin

“Hiring managers and recruiters have to go back to old-fashioned head-hunting of being personal with candidates. Talking to them, understanding them and listening to what they’re saying. A good head-hunter will take years to build a relationship in order to get to know the person and what opportunities they are looking for.” Stuart

 “It’s time to run HR like a business. You have to have a mix in your toolkit of what you leverage where and how you do it, but ultimately it’s about managing your own return on investment.” Vandna

The panel discussion concluded by providing these tweet-sized tips:

“Show me the money! Compensation is still a priority in the region” Jin

“#Listeningskills #KeepItPersonal”  Stuart

“Know the story, not just the resume” Jayesh

“You don’t get a second chance to make a good first impression” Vandna

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