Change Management

All organisations evolve and undergo change in order to grow and remain competitive. A Change Manager leads and manages the process of organisational and/or operational change. A Change Manager will ensure leaders and employees are prepared for and educated on the change and that the associated processes are carried out in a minimally disruptive way.

Change Manager roles can range from Junior to Senior depending on the responsibilities, company size, industry and candidate experience. 

A Change Manager will:

  • Assess the impact of the change
  • Develop the change plan and any necessary training processes
  • Manage internal communications with necessary stakeholders and effected employees
  • Monitor and document the process and define and measure success metrics 
  • Improve upon the change management process 
  • Senior Change Managers will engage with and gain buy in from leadership, lead the programmes and manage the change team

The job titles for this discipline include: Change Management: Advisor, Analyst, Consultant, Coordinator, Facilitator, Lead, Manager, Practitioner. Also: Business Readiness Lead, Organisational Readiness Analyst, Organisation Adoption Lead, Implementation Specialist, Business Transition Analyst, Business Transformation Manager, Benefit Realisation Manager, Change Realisation Lead, Strategy Realisation Analyst. 

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