2021's Impact on HR - The Key Learnings

5 Minutes

As we approach the end of the year and continue to navigate the effects of the Pandemic, HR ...

As we approach the end of the year and continue to navigate the effects of the Pandemic, HR continues to be crucial in boosting employee engagement and supporting business growth. I wanted to share some of my key takeaways as we head into 2022: Purpose People are craving a sense of purpose more than ever and want to be part of a business with clear values and direction. Leadership.  We have all had to adapt to a more agile and flexible work set up and as managers, this has meant a new style of leadership. Empathy, authenticity, and listening are traits that need to be demonstrated and they align so closely to the well-being of an organization. Psychological safety.  As we continue to oscillate between working from home and being in the office, resilience levels continue to be tested. And when it comes to mental health and well-being employees need to know they can speak up and be listened to.

The great resignation No matter how well companies have adapted and looked after their employees, people are now ready for a change, which is already creating a lot of movement in the market. Businesses need to take a progressive approach to talent acquisition and development, not only thinking strategically about the talent they have but they should look to create an employer brand and work environment that is attractive to both existing and new employees. Companies need to investigate the true causes of attrition and a lot of this links back to my first point on purpose and investing in a more fulfilling employee experience. It will be a very competitive landscape next year and the businesses that run an agile and efficient recruitment process where the company's values and USPs are shared, as well as a competitive salary and benefits offering, will attract the strongest talent. ESG Employees are attracted to sustainable businesses and increasingly we are asked about the ESG agenda and the desire to work for a business with a strong focus on inclusion and diversity, pay, and equality.

The role of HR professionals in aligning corporate culture and human values to create fairer and more sustainable workplaces is key to ensuring the success of the organization’s commitment to its employees and the external world. Thank you to everyone who has supported Elliott Scott HR this year and to our event partners; Sasha Scott at the Inclusive Group, Thierry Moschetti at the Resilience Institute and Mark Albas at Arcadia Consulting, your insights and support have been invaluable. We are delighted to share that Elliott Scott HR UK is growing. We have recently brought in two experienced consultants onto the team; Peter Fahy and Tom Dover. In 2022 we will continue our focus on Financial Services as well as proactive attention across Industry and Commerce and we greatly look forward to working with our clients and building new relationships. 

Happy Christmas and wishing you all a healthy and successful 2022.