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Elliott Scott is a specialist HR recruitment firm. We focus exclusively on enabling careers within the HR profession and supporting organisations to hire the best HR talent. 

Our Approaches to Recruitment

We offer several different approaches to recruitment. At the outset of each engagement, our team will discuss the most appropriate solution to meet your needs.​

Each of our approaches is underpinned by:

  • A trusted partnership between you and your Elliott Scott HR Consultant
  • Best practice executive search and recruitment methodology and technology
  • Access to our continually expanding global network of HR talent
  • Expert knowledge and experience of the HR profession

Our executive search process involves a traditional “retained” approach to recruitment. Alongside regular meetings, we provide a detailed market map, a long and shortlist of candidates, progress reports and candidate profiles. Our fee for a retained search is invoiced in three stages: one-third on commencement of the search, one-third on the presentation of a shortlist and one-third on the candidate’s start date. 

We developed our contingent search approach in response to clients in countries and industries looking for a nimbler approach to traditional retained search. Our contained solution provides progress reports and candidate profiles but removes the official shortlist stage. Instead, a selection of profiles is shared upfront enabling the search to be adjusted in real-time based on feedback on the initial profiles. Our fee for a contained search is invoiced in two stages: one-third on commencement of the search and two-thirds on the candidate’s start date. 

Our fee for contingent recruitment is invoiced in one stage: on the candidate’s start date. This approach may be recommended in certain situations.

We also offer interim staffing solutions for clients who require HR resources on a temporary or project basis. If you require a third party to employ and payroll an interim HR professional, we can provide these services through partnerships with specialist providers. Please contact us for further information and pricing. ​

Some of the Clients We Partner With

If you are interested in working with us, we love hearing from new potential partners and learning how we can help with your HR search. 

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