Personal  Branding

By Elliott Scott HR

Are you searching for a new role or looking to enhance your personal brand on LinkedIn?

The LinkedIn algorithm gives priority and a higher search ranking to users with a complete profile, known as an “All Star”. Having an All Star profile can improve your chances of being contacted by 33 times and can increase profile views by 17 times - which is significant if you are looking to stand out from your peers!


Not sure where to start? We can help..

One of our personal branding experts will start the process by understanding your drivers and what you are looking to achieve from LinkedIn.

Once we have this information, we will conduct a thorough analysis of your current LinkedIn profile. This is then followed by a one-to-one online session with a branding expert who will take you through the analysis. The session is live and interactive, allowing you to ask questions as the analysis of your profile is discussed.

You will then receive a documented copy of our analysis with our recommended actions, alongside our detailed handout Personal Branding: A Best Practice Guide, which will support you in making any required changes to your profile, this guide includes a number of FAQs.

For just £299.00, you can get an 'All-Star' profile to considerably boost your chances of landing a new job and elevating your personal brand.

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Additional Services

Additional Services

For more information on our additional services, please speak to your personal branding expert during your live session.