Advanced Coaching In Collaboration with Hupo

4 mins

On 21st February, Director of our Singapore office, Paul Watson ran the team’s first in...

On 21st February, Director of our Singapore office, Paul Watson ran the team’s first in-person roundtable event since the pandemic, and it was a roaring success! 


The roundtable was in partnership with Hupo, an organisation that endeavours to help high-performing, people-first companies across Asia Pacific build a coaching strategy for their most valuable employees. 


Hosted at the JLL offices, a diverse group of HR leaders from a variety of organisations and industries joined us, to speak about pressing HR topics and trends including generative AI, the evolving impact of culture and values across Asia and engaging cross-generational workforces; Lee Murphy, Li’er Wong and Hairin Bahren from Hupo facilitated this conversation. 


The key takeaways: 

 Culture and Leadership:

Culture, or conscious leadership for that matter, might be difficult to quantify, but if absent is glaringly obvious and the symptoms have a visible bottom-line impact’.

 Today, Gen Z is becoming the predominant driving force within the workplace, when looking for a new role the culture of a company is an important aspect of consideration for them. Our guests discussed how to get buy-in from senior leadership when it comes to investing in a healthy workplace culture where employees feel a sense of belonging and psychological safety. Furthermore, discussing how to scale culture across different regions and teams.


The Role of AI and its Impact on the Workplace:

AI has continued to be a pertinent topic within the HR space for the last year, with new developments emerging daily and the fear that eventually many roles will be redundant and automated by AI. Through our discussion, we identified a demand in the market for employers wanting to understand AI and the risks/benefits around it, in turn helping them to understand how to manage the integration and for senior leadership to know what operational work AI can now do. A consideration mentioned during this part of the roundtable was how organisations can maintain a pipeline of young talent as AI slowly swallows up more junior positions or labour-intensive tasks. 


Throughout the event, Lee, Li’er and Hairin mentioned resources that may be useful for those interested in the topic: 


If you would like to speak more about the topic, please contact Paul Watson via LinkedIn or For further information on future events, check out our events page on the website.