Celebrating Our 8th Anniversary

4 Minutes

This is one of those messages that is more “proud dad” than anything but I hope ...

This is one of those messages that is more “proud dad” than anything but I hope that you find it interesting and that it tells you a little more about Elliott Scott HR. The 4th July marks our 8th anniversary. Whenever I hit these kind of milestones I always pinch myself to make sure that it’s all real. My original plan with the business was to always grow, but if you told me that we would now have over 50 employees, over 60,000 LinkedIn followers, and have completed successful searches in more than 30 countries then I’d probably have thought you were joking. Well, it is all true and it makes me exceptionally proud to be able to toast this day. Running a business is definitely stressful, but it is also a lot of fun when you are surrounded by the right people and I am so happy to have so many great people within (and outside) the business.

On that, we have a couple of announcements: 

Phillip Welburn

Phillip started with me in 2011 and was my first employee and has helped with absolutely every aspect of the business over the years. A lot of you will actually know him better than you know me and, if you do, you know that he has a great work ethic, huge heart, and values everything that he does in recruitment. Recruiters like Phillip are hard to find and I have been fortunate to have him beside me on this 8 year journey. Phillip owns a stake in the business now and, as a result of all his hard work, will become our Regional Managing Director for Asia Pacific. He will remain in Hong Kong but he will oversee our Asia businesses and will work closely with me on the global accounts that have increasingly become part of our client portfolio. I'm sure you will all join me in wishing Phillip well. 

The Website

This has undergone a big redesign. It’s cleaner, fresher, uses our new branding, and tells you a little more about who we are.

Please do take a look around, it features all our current roles, upcoming events, and there’s some great articles on our blog. If you have any thoughts or comments please let me know. Emily Abbott (our Marketing Manager) deserves particular praise for the work that she has done to get this ready.

Thank you for all of your support over the years, it is truly valued and while I know it is probably impossible to meet everyone that comes into contact with the business I genuinely hope to see most, if not all of you, at our future events around the world.