Elliott Scott HR - The Most Socially Engaged Specialist Boutique Staffing Agency in Asia On LinkedIn

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We are pleased to announce that Elliott Scott HR was recently named the most socially engage...

We are pleased to announce that Elliott Scott HR was recently named the most socially engaged Specialist Boutique staffing agency in Asia on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn ranks over 60,000 agencies worldwide, investigating thousands of data points over the past year, taking into account three key areas of content marketing, social recruiting and social reach & engagement.

As specialist HR recruiters, we take a consultative approach to our candidates and clients around the world, frequently offering market insights and knowledge relevant to the HR industry, which we share throughout our social networks. We regularly work with clients and candidates to better improve their own employer and personal brand.

Here are our top tips on how to do this:

Quality Content Trumps Spam

Look at the Elliott Scott HR’s LinkedIn newsfeed, and you’ll see that we rarely post advertisements for the roles we are working on, or the services we offer as a business. Instead, we focus on creating and curating content that is genuinely interesting to our 32,000 followers, while keeping them informed of Elliott Scott HR’s events and initiatives. How our content looks is a rich blend of visual infographics and videos, Q & As, thought leadership articles, market analysis and externally curated content. Quality is a far more powerful brand message than a hard sell.

Engage Your Team

We don’t just focus on growing the Elliott Scott HR brand in the market. Our team have their own personal identity to build, and we aren’t afraid to let their individuality stand out. Blogging through the LinkedIn Pulse platform allows our consultants to share market intelligence from their region or sector, and to discuss topics which they are particularly passionate about. Getting the team excited about liking and sharing the company’s, as well as each other’s content is key, as any given consultant on our team will also have thousands of their own connections in the HR market globally. Converting your team to become brand ambassadors, however, doesn’t happen overnight. The first step is to produce quality content that they are proud to share.

Keep it ‘On Brand’

Knowing what your brand stands for and believes in should be clear before you start lining up your updates, as it will impact the tone and topics you focus on. Understand your audience, and pay close attention to how, what, and when they communicate online. You are better off producing less, and for it to be ‘on brand’ than more, if the brand message is unclear.

Don’t Be Afraid to Experiment

A successful content plan is one that is open to adjustment along the way. Pay attention to how it’s received by your audience and tweak it accordingly. Don’t be afraid to experiment with new ideas and formats for content. In our annual Global HR Survey, we create visual infographics to share our results, for instance, rather than produce a whitepaper, as we find these have a much higher engagement rate, and we learnt this through a process of trial and error. Now, as the business is five years strong and growing, we are in a much better position to understand who we are and what we want to say – and as a result, our following continues to grow every month.

If you would like to find out more about Elliott Scott HR, contact your Elliott Scott HR consultant or visit our LinkedIn page at https://www.linkedin.com/company/elliott-scott-hr?trk=company_logo