HR Insights - The Podcast: Covid-19 Mini Series. Mentoring Your Team Through A Crisis

3 Minutes

In this special three-episode spin-off of HR Insights – The Podcast Stuart Elliott, CE...

In this special three-episode spin-off of HR Insights – The Podcast Stuart Elliott, CEO, and Owner of Elliott Scott HR, and Susannah Yule, Director at YSC Consulting New York discuss three key areas: Resilience, Leadership, and Team Dynamics.

All pertinent Covid-19 business issues raised by our HR Community. The first bite-sized episode looks at Resilience. In the early stages of the lockdown, we needed the Resilience for a sprint but now as each country moves in and out of lockdown, we need to be prepared for a marathon. Susannah shares how we can both ask for help from our organizations, cultivating Resilience personally, and how businesses and leaders should role model and develop Resilience in their teams. Originally from New Zealand, where she trained as a Business Psychologist, Susannah’s global career began in London, working for Kaisen Consulting (acquired by Deloitte).

She then moved to YSC Consulting and has been with them for six years, working in Mumbai, moving to Hong Kong where she ran the practice there for three years, and now New York, where she has joined the North American leadership team. If you're on the move, we recommend you download and listen to HR insights through Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, TuneIn,  and most other popular podcast apps! You can also listen via the player at the bottom of this blog, just ensure you have a consistent internet connection. Next week Stuart and Susannah will be looking at Leadership and what Leadership dynamics are needed to succeed in difficult times. 

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Key timestamps:

  • 2.44: The biggest misconception about resilience
  • 5.30: Five pillars of resilience
  • 6.45: How we can encourage our employees to ask for help
  • 9.02: The importance of confidence-building during the pandemic
  • 10.58: Knowing how to refill our energy reserves during a crisis
  • 14.18: How leaders can develop resilience
  • 17.05: How Stuart had seen the current market impact candidate resilience
  • 18.33: Who’s looking for new roles at the moment?