HR Insights - The Podcast. Series 1: Applying Organisational Culture to Leadership

3 Minutes

Welcome to our third guest episode of HR Insights - The Podcast, where our host Emily Ramji ...

Welcome to our third guest episode of HR Insights - The Podcast, where our host Emily Ramji is chatting to Jig Ramji, former Global Head of Leadership and Talent at Bloomberg.

In 2019 Bloomberg launched a new set of leadership attributes, designed specifically to define leadership within the context of the organisation’s unique culture. In today’s episode Jig discusses why and how Bloomberg developed their leadership attributes and how these are being embedded into their global assessment and development processes.

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Key Timestamps:

  • 2.04: Leadership and talent have been buzzwords now and key focus areas for HR and broader leadership for decades. Why is leadership so critical to Bloomberg’s business at this time?
  • 4.22: How have Bloomberg defined their leadership attributes and who made this happen?
  • 6.51: Was there instant buy-in from the business when creating ‘Leadership at Bloomberg’?
  • 9.10: Tell us about the broader strategy and the rollout across the business.
  • 11.11: Adapting the Hogan assessment and other tools to the business.
  • 12.16: What feedback have you had from both the participants and the broader team that might be privy to some of the development or output that comes from psychometric testing?
  • 14.06: Have the new leadership attributes had an impact on recruitment?
  • 15:12: Does the organisation have a new approach to employee development?
  • 19.14: What has the feedback and the uptake been from the business in regards to these tools that are now available to them?
  • 26.57: Have the leadership development programmes in the organisation been aligned to the new attributes?
  • 28.20: In terms of partners, what proportion of your development is outsourced? Has that been a challenge or relatively easy in terms of working in partnership with those that support you?
  • 31.54: What are the five leadership attributes that Bloomberg have defined?
  • 34.13: The top piece of advice for people that are looking to do something that is bespoke, customised, and really relates to their organisational context for leadership assessment and development.