HR Seminar Singapore: Creating Intrapreneurs

5 Minutes

On the 27th of June Elliott Scott HR Singapore held their second seminar of 2019 in partners...

On the 27th of June Elliott Scott HR Singapore held their second seminar of 2019 in partnership with Arcadia Consulting and LinkedIn.

Arcadia Consulting is a professional services consultancy specialising in sustainable, behavioural and cultural change.

Following an introduction from Karin Kim, Raiyo Nariman of Arcadia Consulting, discussed some of the practical ways of ‘Creating Intrapreneurs’ to our network of HR professionals at the LinkedIn offices in Singapore. ‘Intrapreneurship’ is the practice of developing innovation from within an established business. In a rapidly changing market place, developing new ideas becomes more and more important. Rather than being restricted by company culture, employees are encouraged to behave like entrepreneurs, whilst also leveraging the strengths of their organisation. We learnt that statements like “our people aren’t creative’’ or ‘’we don’t have a culture that supports innovation” are widespread but incorrect.

Raiyo discussed the ways that businesses can define and build a process which inspires creativity, and that innovation is a commodity which is critical to success. As part of the ‘intrapreuneurial’ process, Arcadia outlined a pathway of translating an idea or invention into a tangible ‘product’. It’s important that everyone has a role that creates value, and businesses follow some simple steps:

Creation: Crazy ideas / an individual – experiencing the ‘a-ha’ moment Ideation:

Validated Concept / Team – multi-discipline support Develop:

Feasible Solution / Organisation – Development Execution; Infrastructure Funding Execution:

Delivered Outcome / Leadership – Vision + Strategy; Infrastructure; Leaders are prominent in the process.

A simple way of remembering the ‘Innovation Pathway’ is to make sure we always consider the 3P’s: PROFIT (will this idea be profitable?), PEOPLE (enhancing culture through education, application and mind-set) and PRODUCT (origination).

In summary, a great idea will only remain an idea if it is not supported by a pathway that translates into a product or service that creates value. The evening was closed by Mark Albas, Head of Learning at Arcadia Consulting, followed by networking over drinks and canapés where the guests mingled with the Arcadia, LinkedIn and Elliott Scott HR teams.

Our next event will be in October 2019 on ‘Executive Presence’. If you would be interested in attending, get in touch with Eve Ng at To keep up to date on our future events, follow us on LinkedIn and keep an eye on our events page.