HR Seminar Singapore: Culture by Design

4 Minutes

On the 23rd of May 2018, Elliott Scott HR Singapore held an interactive workshop in partners...

On the 23rd of May 2018, Elliott Scott HR Singapore held an interactive workshop in partnership with Arcadia Consulting and LinkedIn.

Naveen Prabhakar from LinkedIn kicked off the session, sharing the qualities of LinkedIn’s inclusive culture. Matt Lyon, Arcadia’s Head of Consulting, then delivered the seminars keynote; ‘Culture by Design’, exploring techniques to develop a culture which aligns to a company’s values and goals.

Objectives for growth, innovation and disruption are often attempted through financial investment when they can instead be met by changing behaviours. This leads to a more sustainable and organic evolution.

Matt shared some key points to consider when evolving a company’s culture:


Many processes are outdated and remain in organisations as an unwanted legacy. Often these are rewarded, and like a lot of bad habits can be very difficult to break. Making a conscious effort to identify which ones can be altered begins the change process.


Broadly speaking there are 4 types of organisational cultures: family-like and nurturing, entrepreneurial and innovative, results-focused and competitive, and structured and controlled. To shift culture, you may have to compromise in one to gain in another. For example if a ‘Control’ company wants to foster a more innovative culture then they have to relinquish processes which inhibit creativity.


Once you’ve examined your organisation’s culture and worked out what you want it look like, you have to then align the whole company from top to bottom, on a group and individual level. At group level the story you want to tell and the cultural expectations need to be clear. At an individual level the behaviours need to be instilled. Look at what knowledge, skills and processes your employees need. Both the narrative and the behaviours of an organisation need to be changed to enforce a positive company culture and avoid slipping back into old ways.

It’s clear that through the planning and development process of a company’s culture, the focus on people is key. Your staff are ambassadors both inside and outside the business, and are responsible for both its perception and in reality its success.

After an energetic seminar, with many of the audience citing its inspiring nature, discussions were continued over drinks and canapés.

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