Level Up Your Job Search with the Art of Storytelling

4 mins

When looking for a new role, it’s easy for candidates to find themselves feeling frustrated ...

When looking for a new role, it’s easy for candidates to find themselves feeling frustrated when submitting numerous applications and not getting the opportunity to speak to someone on the hiring team. This is where it’s important to learn the art of storytelling.

My team in the US recently had the privilege of hosting an exclusive and captivating workshop for our HR Community on "Business Storytelling" in collaboration with Arcadia Consulting, led by the brilliant Cachet Prescott.

In today's competitive market, finding the right job can be a challenging journey. As a seasoned recruiter, I have personally experienced the profound impact storytelling can have on the hiring process.

To thrive in the current landscape, candidates must skilfully identify their "target market" - the dream companies and coveted roles they aspire to attain. As they embark on this journey, they need to consider questions such as:

  • What are the current challenges faced by their target companies?
  • What language style and achievements resonate most with these employers?
  • Why are they reading your CV?

The candidate can then align their experiences with the needs of their "target market," positioning themselves as the ultimate solution to the organizations challenges. By becoming the sought-after solution, candidates can engage in meaningful conversations with hiring managers, unlocking doors to new career opportunities. 

During the workshop, attendees were introduced to an array of tools that can transform a narrative into a compelling masterpiece. These tools include the PSA format (Problem-Solution-Action) and SCR format (Situation-Complication/Challenge-Resolution), which enabled them to craft a compelling story that impacts an audience. 

We also delved into the "Examine, Explore, Explain" approach. Going through the stages of: ‘The What’, ‘So What’, ‘Now What’ – which empowered our participants to thoroughly examine the problem at hand, explore potential solutions, and ultimately explain their action plan, creating a coherent and persuasive story.

Remember, true storytelling goes beyond merely telling; it inspires! Show, don't tell. Craft an opening that addresses the problem, a messy middle that highlights the gaps and showcases skills and potential, and a compelling end that calls for action. This is how to leave a lasting impact on a potential employer. Arcadia Consulting have put together this one pager infographic to showcase effective strategies for storytelling. 

We’re excited to host more insightful workshops for our HR community, and we invite your input on relevant and trending topics that you want to learn about. You can get in touch on LinkedIn or at rj@elliottscotthr.com. We are committed to adding value to all those in the HR Community.