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My 2018 Year in Review

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Another year seems to have gone by in a flash and even as I write this now, it doesn’t quite...

Another year seems to have gone by in a flash and even as I write this now, it doesn’t quite feel like 2018 is ending just yet.

In saying that, we know 2019 will soon be upon us and as a result it’s made me think about some of the highlights of this year and what I’ve loved and loathed!


The return of clients who are hiring because the business is starting to focus on their people again. The last few years have felt like businesses have been trying to do more with less, but this year it was much more about the people again.


Too many communication methods! It used to be just emails, but now it’s also; LinkedIn, WhatsApp, iMessenger, you name it. While it’s wonderful to be able to keep in touch with people and never lose contact, it does also mean you’re managing multiple inboxes and that is more of a challenge than I expected!


Seeing the long term impact of change. Just over a year ago we made some significant IT and Finance decisions and while that took a bit of time to bed down we have really started to see the rewards this year and its made a huge impact. Change is hard, but if you get it right, the long term gains are well worth the wait.


My lack of time. Running the business whilst still doing what I still love and enjoy in recruitment has been a challenge for me this year. I have some wonderful help around me to try and manage this but I apologise in advance for all the people that I sometimes can’t get back to. I am trying to rectify this, but it has been hard!


Seeing some great successes in my team. A lot of people have had some tough years and it was so nice to see them really come out of the other side in 2018 and they deserve all the credit that they get.

I’m going to end my 2018 recap on a high and take this chance to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Thank you for all your support this year and I look forward to working with you in 2019!