Recapping Our Mentoring Series: Answering Your Questions and Asking: Would You Like To Become A Mentor?

3 Minutes

We are pleased to share the third and final instalment in this Elliott Scott HR video series...

We are pleased to share the third and final instalment in this Elliott Scott HR video series with our Founder and CEO Stuart Elliott and Non-Executive Director Anouk De Blieck.

In this series Stuart and Anouk discuss the topic of Mentoring. In today’s episode, Stuart and Anouk recap the topics they have discussed throughout the series and answer a few questions received from our HR community about mentoring.

We have highlighted some key quotes from the series below which we think hold important takeaways: To learn in an effective way, and become well rounded, mentoring is an important tool that can accelerate your development. More than ever in this VUCA world, continuous learning is key to stay relevant and lead with impact. “Mentoring is a brain to pick, an ear to listen, and a push in the right direction.”- John C. Crosby.

You need to look at yourself as an asset and the value you create. Mentoring is not a one size fits all. Start with self-reflection, assess how to create and maximize your value in a holistic manner (combining your career and life). Having this clarity will help you to determine the type of mentor you need, moreover it will empower you to become your best 'sustainable' self.

Magic in a mentoring relationship happens when: You have clarity on what you want to learn or need guidance on. You get the support you need in a safe and open environment. You use a growth mind-set to make the most out of it. We all have a responsibility to bring the best out in ourselves and others. Learning is a team sport, and the world would be a better place if we can help each other grow and develop together. Watch the latest episode here and be sure to share with your network.

If you are passionate about mentoring and would like to become a mentor or mentee please reach out to Stuart Elliott at