20May, 2024

Conduct, Culture and Compliance

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Join us for our third Global Webinar, in partnership with Sasha Scott from Inclusive Group.


Elliott Scott HR

Guest Speakers

Sasha Scott

Sasha Scott

CEO and Founder of Inclusive Group

About this event

The primary reason individuals depart from a company is due to a lack of confidence in the leadership. During a period where companies strive to attract and retain talent, understanding the factors influencing employee retention and turnover can be crucial for business success.

We are thrilled to be bringing you this event, in partnership with Sasha Scott, Inclusive Group, Sasha Scott has appeared multiple times on the podcast and we are delighted to have her as a guest for this webinar. If you would like to join us, please use the button below to register and add to your diary. Spaces will be limited so secure your place to avoid disappointment. 

Meet our Guest...

Sasha Scott is the CEO and Founder of the Inclusive Group and is considered an expert in the field of EDI, she has appeared on the BBC and has been published in multiple newspapers. She understands the commercial drivers behind reducing bias within the workplace and the critical need to promote and sustain an inclusive workplace culture.