HR Information Systems (HRIS)

Those in HRIS roles will ensure that their organisations has a fit for purpose HRIS. 

An HRIS is the HR software that the organisation uses to store, manage and track its employee data and in organisations, particularly large ones, it is important to have an individual or a team responsible for ensuring it is working correctly.

In smaller organisations the HRIS is likely to be more basic than those found in larger, global organisations. 

Depending on the organisations size, HRIS roles range from Junior to Senior level.

Those in HRIS will:

  • Oversee and maintain the HRIS
  • Provide technical support and guidance to the organisation and those who use it
  • Collaborate with the wider HRIS team or key stakeholders and others in the HR function to identify improvements 
  • Implement custom functions and automated procedures such as queries, filters and reports
  • Compile reports for the HR departments and key stakeholders
  • Ensure compliance with data security and privacy
  • Keep a pulse on HRIS trends, developments, new providers and technology 

Job titles for this discipline include, HRIS: Administrator, Analyst, Advisor, Officer, Specialist, Manager, Consultant, Project Manager, Associate Director, Director. Head of HRIS. ​

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