HR Operations and Shared Services

A CHRO leads the HR function within their organisation. A CHRO will develop and execute their HR strategy in line with the organisations strategy and direction. They will focus on recruitment, succession planning, talent management, change management, organisational and performance management, training and development, and compensation.

Technology is often used to underpin shared service delivery. 

The level of this role varies from Junior to Senior. 

Those in HR Operations and Shared Services will:

  • Be the first point of contact for employees and managers
  • Responsible for administrating the transactions for day-to-day employee requests and inquires 
  • Conduct administrative tasks including payroll management, staff data entry and maintenance 
  • Maintain the human resources information system (HRIS)
  • Ensure the organisation is legally compliant with relevant local laws relating to hiring, workplace conduct and employee treatment
  • Develop the onboarding program
  • Offboard employees 
  • Look into headcount planning to ensure there are enough employees so that the business runs well
  • Deal with employee relations 

Job titles for this discipline include: Head of HR Operations, HR Operations Manager, HR Operations Assistant, HR Operations Team Lead, HR Operations Associate, HR Operations Administrator, HR Shared Service Manager, HR Shared Services Advisor, Senior HR Shared Services Advisor, HR Shared Services Operations, Shared Services Programme Lead, HR Shared Services Officer, HR Shared Services, HR Shared Services Administrator. 

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