Learning and Development (L&D)

Those in L&D roles will identify the learning priorities of the organisation and create an environment where employees can continuously develop to reach their full potential.

An L&D specialist will be adept at identifying the current and future skills required in an organisation and develops a variety of learning interventions to meet employee needs.   

The level of this role varies from Junior to Senior. 

Those in Learning and Development will:

  • Evaluate individual and organisational development needs 
  • Conduct capability assessments 
  • Create and implement flexible and innovative learning strategies and plans for new and existing employees 
  • Understand different learning techniques 
  • Utilise blended learning solutions 
  • Produce training materials 
  • Drive a culture of continuous professional development (CPD)
  • Monitor the effectiveness of the training 
  • Help managers and leadership solve training problems and address skill gaps 
  • Keep up to date with developments in L&D
  • Have an impact on the growth and retention of talent 

Job titles for this discipline include, Learning and Development: Administrator, Coordinator, Advisor, Assessor, Specialist, Manager, Business Partner. Learning Administrator, Learning Facilitator, Training Deliverer, Head of Learning and Development, Director of Learning and Development, Instructional Designer, Digital Learning Designer, Senior Learning and Development Advisor, Senior Learning and Development Partner. ‚Äč

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