Organisation Design or Development

Those in Organisation Design and Development roles seek to identify opportunities to increase an organisations effectiveness and make sure it is working at its best. They will define and organise the structure of companies, its policies and metrics as well as culture, training, values and behaviours.

Organisational Design and/or Development Specialists may be permanent roles within HR teams of larger organisations, but often this capability is brought into an organisation via a Consultant with these specialist skills. 

This tends to be a Mid to Senior level role. 

Those in Organisation Design or Development will:

  • Analyse organisational and business structures, procedures, processes and the utilisation of resources
  • Conduct organisational diagnostics 
  • Design and implement company values, behaviours, developmental initiatives and training materials
  • Consult with the HR department to guide the utilisation, development and hiring of personnel 
  • Contribute to the restructuring of departments to increase efficiency and align with business objectives 
  • Work on culture change initiatives 
  • Advise on work design choices and approaches 
  • Measure the impact of the implemented changes 
  • Advise key stakeholders and present progress reports 

Organisation Design job titles include, Organisational Design: Specialist, Support, Principal, Consultant, Lead, Manager, Head of Organisational Design, Senior Manager Organisational Design & Workforce Planning, Senior Organisational Design Consultant.

Organisation Development job titles include, Organisational Development: Adviser, Coordinator, Manager, Partner, Business Partner, Consultant, Specialist, Practitioner, Lead. Head of Organisational Development.

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