HR Insights - The Podcast. Series 4: Embedding DEI Into Your Recruitment Process

Stuart Elliott

By Stuart Elliott


Justine Thompson

Justine Thompson

Series 4 of HR Insights: The Podcast is here!

We are thrilled to be bringing you the fourth series of HR Insights: The Podcast. The first episode of this series sees Justine Thompson, Senior Associate of Inclusive Group and our returning host Stuart Elliott. CEO and Owner of Elliott Scott HR, speak on embedding DEI into the recruitment process. Stuart is very excited about our new series and is looking forward to continuing discussions around different aspects of the HR industry.

Our guest today, Justine, is a highly experienced diversity leader with over 20 years of HR experience including 8+ years in dedicated diversity roles. She has worked extensively with leaders and talent at all levels to develop a solid understanding of what gets in the way in the DEI space and has developed best practice tools to help support organisations with this journey.

In this episode Stuart and Justine discuss the difficulties and triumphs of embedding DEI into the recruitment process, Justine shares stories from her career and great examples of how DEI can be added into any process.

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Key Timestamps:

  • 01:19- An introduction to Justine
  • 08:11- DEI agenda and data
  • 10:20- Understanding data driven DEI
  • 14:13- Discovering issues in your recruitment process
  • 16:43- Concerns in a recruitment process
  • 20:43- Name blind CV's
  • 24:10- DEI isn't a PR stunt
  • 25:35- Salaries and pay transparency
  • 30:00- Pay gap reporting
  • 36:01- Performance reviews and promotion processes