HR Insights - The Podcast. Series 4: Gnowbe: Your Digital Companion

Stuart Elliott

By Stuart Elliott


So-Young  Kang

So-Young Kang

Welcome back to episode two of HR Insights: The Podcast series four!

This week brings another exciting conversation, our host Stuart Elliott speaks to Founder and CEO of Gnowbe, So-Young Kang about her platform and the amazing scholarship they are facilitating.

So-Young is a people loving, organisation focused, ideas person. She comes with a wealth of experience in Transformational Design and is passionate in seeing people flourish. In 2016 So-Young started Gnowbe a, pioneering mobile micro-learning and micro-authoring platform to help people perform better. Gnowbe's approach is bite-sized, collaborative and drives 'on-the-job application' for greater performance. Gnowbe is all about learning-by-doing. We do this through a simple approach based on adult learning science called Know - Think - Apply - Share.  A fantastic tool for our audience to get on board with.

In this episode So-Young tells us a little about Gnowbe, how it can be applied and how user friendly it is. Within the podcast Stuart and So-Young also discuss the benefits of micro-learning and the $10m scholarship fund they are running in which you will be awarded a Level 1 Certification in ‘Microlearning Instructional Design’. 

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Key time stamps:

1:00- An Introduction to So-Young

5:32- Getting to know Gnowbe 

9:09- Origin of the name Gnowbe 

11:33- Gnowbe gnomes 

12:40- How does Gnowbe work?

16:05- Resisting change 

17:52- Free scholarship 

22:30- Adopting change 

25:03- Taking the ‘tech’ out of technology 

29:29- Who’s using Gnowbe?

31:01- Advice for micro-learning