HR Insights - The Podcast. Series 4: How to Boost Your Career in 2023

Stuart Elliott

By Stuart Elliott


New year, fresh start! This week, Elliott Scott HR Founder and CEO Stuart Elliott was joined by career coach, recruitment expert and author, Hannah Salton.

After nearly a decade of experience in the recruitment sector, Hannah left her job security to pursue her dream as a career coach, where she now helps others achieve the same goal. Having worked as a career coach for over 5 years now, Hannah joins Stuart to discuss how to navigate the anxieties, pitfalls, and unexpected outcomes of developing your career.

In this episode, Stuart and Hannah chat about the differences of applying for jobs in the new year, the evolution of the workplace, and the importance of not only setting your standards... but raising them too.

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Key Timestamps

  • 1:18 introduction
  • 5:50 the evolution of careers fairs
  • 11:30 moving away from application forms
  • 13:50 Video interviews
  • 15:30 advice on modernisation
  • 19:50 What do we do after we gain experience
  • 23:20 Treating your career like an MOT
  • 27:45 Setting your standards and raising them
  • 29:20 The importance of honest conversation