HR Insights - The Podcast. Series 4: Leadership Development in a Hybrid World

Stuart Elliott

By Stuart Elliott


Richard Graham

Richard Graham

Welcome back to another episode of HR Insights, The Podcast!

Today, our host Stuart Elliott is joined by Richard Graham, Head of Leadership and Career Development at the London Stock Exchange Group. Richard comes to us with a multitude of experience that has led him to global talent functions at Vodafone Group, Burberry, and Bloomberg, where he’s driven meaningful culture change through leadership development and shifting people to a career ownership mindset. 

Richard is a certified coach and psychometric tool expert. He’s lived in New York, Kuala Lumpur, and is now settled in London, where he lives with his husband, Rob and bulldog, Ron. He’s an avid traveller, and gardener.

In this week’s episode Stuart and Richard sit down to discuss leadership development in a post pandemic era. During this conversation, they talk widely about humanising the hybrid world, leadership of the future and work/ life integration. 

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Key Timestamps

-       1:28 – Introduction to Richard
-       9:13 – Adapting to the new working world 
-       13:36 – Difficulties in humanising hybrid working
-       16:18 – Being transactional vs building relationships 
-       17:29 – Assessing talent 
-       21:18 – Input vs output
-       24:07 – Biggest challenge about having a global role post pandemic 
-       26:21 – Balancing Hybrid life 
-       31:10 – Work/life integration 
-       32:48 – Change in career progression 
-       37:27 – Regional career differences