HR Insights - The Podcast. Series 4: Navigating the Evolving Job Market

Stuart Elliott

By Stuart Elliott


Ellie Rich-Poole

Ellie Rich-Poole

Making a return to HR Insights - The Podcast, The Recruitment Coach herself, Ellie Rich-Poole sat down with our host and Elliott Scott HR founder and CEO, Stuart Elliott to talk about how to navigate the currently evolving job market. Longtime fans of the podcast may recognise Ellie from her appearance in Series 2, where she discussed Strengths-Based Networking in a Virtual World.  Discussing how to maintain career stability during a time of instability, Ellie discloses her 3 tips for developing your career, whilst tackling areas such as the rise of mentoring, the impact of gender stereotypes on the job market, and the importance of building good relationships with recruiters. 

Ellie Rich-Poole, The Recruitment Coach, has 25 years’ experience in HR, Talent and Head-hunting HR Leaders. She founded her business in 2016 to inspire and support others with their career development. She is a speaker and enjoys facilitating group sessions on a range of career topics from ‘Learn to Love LinkedIn’ to ‘Stop hiding, start Networking.’

She coaches people at a critical moment of transition, helping them to move forward with positivity. She goes on the journey with them as a supporter and challenger to help them get to action and get results. She helps leaders land their perfect role and be brilliant in it, by playing to their strengths.  She supports individuals stepping up internally and changing the way they work, as well as those moving externally.

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Key Timestamps:

01:05- An introduction to Ellie Rich-Poole and The Recruitment Coach

06:18- Is there a decline in online job applications?

08:25- The impact of The Great Resignation

12:05- How agencies are becoming more proactive to source candidates

16:00- The top tips to take charge in your career

17:00- Tip 1 - Take ownership of your career

19:45- Think outside of your organisation

21:25- Tip 2 - Invest time in developing your relationships

26:20- The rise of mentoring. Mentioned: Protégé

28:00- Tip 3 - Exposure

31:40- Tackling gender stereotypes

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