HR Insights - The Podcast. Series 4: The Power of Resilience

Stuart Elliott

By Stuart Elliott


Thierry  Moschetti

Thierry Moschetti

Today, our host, Stuart Elliott chats to a familiar face of Elliott Scott HR's, Thierry Moschetti from The Resilience Institute. We have partnered with The Resilience Institute and brought our HR Community events and podcasts around Resilience for a few years now and we are excited to have Thierry return for Series 4.

Thierry has 20 years of experience spanning across team management, business development and training. Thierry has lived across the globe, originally from France, he resided in Asia for 12 years where he was Country Head of China and started The Resilience Institute in Singapore, before moving to the UK and establishing the brand there, where he is now based.

Over the last 10 years, The Resilience Institute have developed a resilience diagnostic assessment tool that assesses the 60 factors that they have identified make or break resilience. Using this tool they were able to collect assessments from across the globe since 2019 to define the top 5 factors that impact a persons ability to be resilient, this information can be found in their 2022 Resilience Report. Speaking through this report Thierry and Stuart touch on the top 5 factors and the power that has to impact your everyday working life.

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Key Timestamps:

01:02- An introduction to Thierry and The Resilience Institute

10:32- What is resilience? 

12:31- Top 5 critical success factors 

13:58- Number 1: Sleep

17:00- Disruption to the daily rhythm

20:30- Number 2: Fulfilment 

24:28- Number 3: Bounce

26:25- Creating a safe space

28:38- Accepting failure

30:40- Number 4: Relaxation- Permission to be resilient

35:28- Number 5: Focus 

36:00- Attention span

37:52- The Pomodoro Technique 

39:01- The impact of gender or age on resilience 

43:55- How to improve your own resilience