HR Insights - The Podcast. Series 4: Will the Metaverse Transform the Way We Work?

Stuart Elliott

By Stuart Elliott


Ria Davey

Ria Davey

Today, our host of HR Insights, Stuart Elliott is joined by Ria Davey, Global Head - HR & Talent, for the Engineering sector at Bloomberg.

Ria is a Global HR Business and Talent leader with 18+ years end to end, strategic HR experience. She has been with Bloomberg for over 10 years and worked in multiple roles across the world. Ria has recently relocated back to their London office after 3 years in New York. Prior to this, she worked in regional positions in Hong Kong, looking after the Asia Pacific region, she also lived in the Middle East, a real global citizen.

In this episode Stuart and Ria discuss the Future of Work. They discuss where HR is heading, the role the Metaverse will play in this and the adaptation of technology. There has been a lot of talk around AI in recent years and it's development, it will be interesting to see what part this will play in the ever changing world of work.

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Key Timestamps:

  • 01:40 – An introduction to Ria
  • 04:53 – Why are we talking about AI?
  • 07:18 – Companies using AI
  • 08:40 – Digital Daniel
  • 09:51 – Key trends in the Future of Work
  • 13:14 – 1 in 10 jobs will cease to exist 
  • 16:58 – The Metaverse 
  • 22:49 – Living and working in the Metaverse
  • 25:32 – The pros and cons of the Metaverse
  • 27:29 – Supporting HR strategically in the Future of Work
  • 29:57 – Upskilling HR
  • 33:57 – Adopting the new way of work