HR Insights - The Podcast. Series 5: Effective Job Transition for You and The Business

Stuart Elliott

By Stuart Elliott


Glenn Wallis

Glenn Wallis

This week, our host, Stuart Elliott is joined by returning guest, Glenn Wallis, Founder and Managing Director of Exigence to talk about job transition both internally and externally, and the key tips for transitioning roles effectively.     
With over 20 years of experience, Glenn works with business leaders and HR specialists to navigate strategic transformation within their organizations and tackle the ever-changing landscape of job transitioning with confidence and certainty. 
In this episode, Stuart and Glenn discuss the traits of a ‘good’ role transition and the five key points that make up a positive transitional experience, as well as top tips both candidates and clients can adopt when going through this job transformation.

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Key Time Stamps:
-   3:12 – Intro into Glenn Wallis and his background
-   9:10 – Defining job transition
-   12:16 – What does a good job transition look like?
-   22:50 – The 5 key tips for transitioning into a new role positively
-   27:32 – How to make the most of your probation period
-   32:55 – Advice for changing your personal brand for an inernal role
-   36:04 – Advice for people undergoing a job/role transition
-   37:46 - What can clients do to help someone transitioning into a new role?