HR Insights - The Podcast. Series 5: Exploring Generational Diversity in the Workplace

Stuart Elliott

By Stuart Elliott


Vivek Iyyani

Vivek Iyyani

Welcome to this week’s episode of HR Insights: The Podcast! 

Today, our CEO and Host Stuart Elliott, is joined by Professional Speaker for Millennial Minds Pte LtdVivek Iyyani. Vivek is based in Singapore and joins Stuart to speak on Millennials in the workplace and overall generational diversity. 


On top of being a Professional Speaker Vivek is also an Author of 3 books, Empowering MillennialsEngaging Millennials and The Millennial Leader and is currently writing his next book titled, Marketing to Millennials. He has been featured on different regional media channels and works alongside large organisations to build a millennial friendly employer brand. In his free time Vivek works with young people to build purposeful careers that they are passionate about. 


In this episode, Stuart and Vivek define the different generations, explain generational gaps, generational diversity, traits that you would typically find in Gen Z and Millennials that may be different to older generations, cancel culture and tips for millennial leaders. 

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Key Timestamps:

  • 01:12 - Introducing Vivek Iyyani
  • 08:00 - Defining Millennials 
  • 12:35 - Specialising in generational diversity 
  • 18:17 - Millennial and Gen Z traits
  • 24:06 - Negative traits
  • 26:47 - Learning from different generations 
  • 30:38 - Cancel culture
  • 33:28 - Challenges for Millennial leaders 
  • 37:41 - Tips for managing a multi-generational workforce