HR Insights - The Podcast. Series 5: Generative AI: Pros and Cons within HR

Stuart Elliott

By Stuart Elliott


Ria Davey

Ria Davey

Welcome back to another episode of HR Insights: The Podcast!


This week, our host Stuart Elliott is joined by returning guest, Ria Davey to speak about the impact of Generative AI on the world of work, particularly within the HR Function, as well as the risks and benefits that come with it. 


Ria Davey is the Global Head of HR in Engineering at Bloomberg where she has just celebrated her 11-year anniversary. Throughout her time at Bloomberg, Ria has been privy to the rapid evolution of AI within the industry and the ways in which its capability has potential for broad application. 


Despite its time-saving benefits, there are many risks that come with AI, whether that be through inaccuracies or loss of human empathy and intelligence. In this episode, Stuart and Ria discuss the endless possibilities AI, particularly ChatGPT, could have on the HR Function, the pros and cons of the technology, and how it can be utilized to support HR Leaders. 


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Key Timestamps:

-   1:30 - Intro into Ria Davey and her role within Bloomberg

-   6:45 - Key themes and trends  

-   13:15 - Possibilities of AI

-   20:30 - Risks of AI

-   25:45 - Overall impacts of ChatGPT at work

-   32:25 - What HR leaders should be doing to support their businesses