HR Insights - The Podcast. Series 5: Green Ethics in Your HR Strategy

Stuart Elliott

By Stuart Elliott


Scott Sullivan

Scott Sullivan

Welcome back to HR Insights: The Podcast!


We have another exciting guest joining our host, Stuart Elliott this week. Scott Sullivan is the Director of Human Resources at law firm, Bates Wells and he sits down with Stuart to talk about green ethics and their role in the HR Strategy. 

Scott Sullivan is an experienced strategic HR professional with varied involvement throughout the employee cycle, working within the legal sector for a long time in companies like Barclays Bank, he is also a Chartered Fellow of the CIPD, trustee of the charity Diversity Role Models and sits as a Justice of the Peace in East London. Scott was drawn to Bates Wells because of their values and mission to implement sustainability. 

In this episode, Stuart and Scott examine the importance of green ethics in the HR Strategy, how these are utilised in company rewards and benefits as well as what companies can be doing to improve their overall sustainability. 

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 Key Time Stamps:

-   3:20 - Intro into Scott Sullivan 
-  11:10 - Why are green ethics important in the HR Strategy?
-  15:00 – What does green ethics look like in practice from an HR standpoint? 
-  17:30 – Covid’s impact on green ethics
-  20:45 – Does cost effect sustainability within the business? 
-  22:20 - How are green ethics seen in your rewards and benefits? 
-  29:50 – Do sustainability values ever get in the way of business? 
-  31:20 – What is coming next in this space?
-  34:50 – Advice to HR functions on implementing green ethics