HR Insights - The Podcast. Series 5: Growth Point: How to Build a Growth Mindset

Stuart Elliott

By Stuart Elliott


Amy Clark

Amy Clark

We’re back with another episode of HR Insights: The Podcast!

Today, our CEO and Host Stuart Elliott is joined by another fantastic guest, Amy Clark, Founder and Executive Coach at Growth Minded Leadership Group. In this episode Stuart and Amy discuss her book Growth Point and how to build a growth mindset.

Amy is considered a thought leader in her field and is known for creating solutions that drive business outcomes. As a leadership development coach, she works one-on-one with individuals looking to develop their growth mindset; identifying key behaviours they want to gain awareness of and helping them understand what they can do today to be more successful tomorrow. 

In her book, Growth Point, Amy uses her own experience to outline actionable points to implement change in order to grow, helping to develop a growth point playlist and become aware of your vision and where you can progress. 

Throughout this episode Stuart and Amy discuss her background and her passion to write a book, what Growth Point is and how it could benefit you, leading with a growth mindset, being approachable, finding your vision, the challenges around growth and offering advice for those that want to grow.

If you are interested in reading Growth Point or the book mentioned at the beginning of the podcast Talent Wins, please use the links provided. 

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Key Timestamps:

  • 01:24 – Getting to know Amy 
  • 08:57 – Why Amy decided to publish a book 
  • 11:58 – The hardest part of writing a book 
  • 14:52 – What is Growth Point 
  • 18:15 – Being approachable 
  • 25:10 – Learning to have a growth mindset
  • 28:00 – Challenges around growth 
  • 36:53 – Biggest turn around in mindset 
  • 42:39 – Advice for personal growth