HR Insights - The Podcast. Series 5: Navigating a Start-Up as a HR Professional

Stuart Elliott

By Stuart Elliott


Victoria Bethlehem

Victoria Bethlehem

HR Insights: The Podcast, Episode 2 is out now!

Today, our CEO and host for this series Stuart Elliott, is joined by Victoria Bethlehem to speak about joining a tech start-up.

Victoria is the global Chief People & Culture Officer at, a start-up operating in the ed-tech space. is a digital marketplace for the international student recruitment market which enables institutions, recruiters, and service providers to seamlessly find and transact with each other, anywhere in the world. They are transforming the way the world accesses international education. Prior to joining this team Victoria spent 25 years in executive management roles within the HR field. She describes herself as an international citizen, having lived and worked in the US, South Africa, Switzerland, Greece, Australia and now Singapore.

In this episode Stuart and Victoria discuss joining a start-up, giving advice to new CEO’s, guidance on who to hire first, the issues that you can encounter with the growth of a start-up, ensuring that company culture is embedded into the mission and vision and how the changing markets can affect a new business.

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Key Timestamps:

  • 01:46 - Introduction to Victoria 
  • 07:13 - Joining a tech start-up
  • 11:05 - Hiring for HR 
  • 13:34 - Embedding culture into your organisation
  • 16:04 - Where to focus on
  • 18:41 - Evolving issues with company growth 
  • 23:15 - Dealing with changing markets 
  • 27:51 - Advice for a new CEO 
  • 32:52 - Advice for a CPO