HR Insights - The Podcast. Series 5: Recapping Series 5

Emily  Abbott

By Emily Abbott


Stuart Elliott

Stuart Elliott

Welcome to the final episode of Series 5 of HR Insights: The Podcast!

It has been an amazing series with plenty of noteworthy guests offering useful insights on some fascinating topics! In this last episode, Group Marketing Manager at Elliott Scott Group, Emily Abbott sat down with our CEO, Stuart Elliott to recap on this series and talk through some stand out moments from our guests.

Emily and Stuart highlight the top book and TV programme recommendations from our guests this series and the topics that have linked to trends within the current HR function and global market as a whole. Stuart also reflects on the most memorable discussions with guests this series as well as his aspirations and hopes for Series 6. 

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Key Timestamps:

-   1:40 – Stand out book recommendations from this series’ guests
-   4:00 – Stand out TV shows from this series’ guests
-   6:30 – Reflecting on Stuart’s achievements in fitness competition, HYROX
-   9:35 – Which topics discussed in Series 5 link to current trends within the HR function? 
-   14:30 – Changes and trends in the current global market
-   17:05 – The evolution of Stuart’s role and how this has impacted the business 
-   18:33 – Memorable moments from Series 5
-   22:20 – Aspirations for Series 6
-   24:00 – A thank you to the guests and listeners of Series 5