HR Insights - The Podcast. Series 5: Supporting Your Employees' Financial Futures

Stuart Elliott

By Stuart Elliott


Pete Hykin

Pete Hykin

This week, our host, Stuart Elliott sits down with Pete Hykin, Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Penfold, a workplace pensions business using technology to innovate and modernize the otherwise mundane world of pensions. 


Pete has experience working with entrepreneur-led businesses, a marketing and growth agency as well as an app company of which he was the first employee. Within each role, Pete noticed the common theme of a flawed pension scheme which ultimately inspired the creation of Penfold, an accessible and easy solution to pensions. 


In this episode, Stuart and Pete discuss how technology is leveraged to increase people’s understanding of the pensions world, how Penfold is improving employee wellbeing as well as the importance of HR Professionals in helping their colleagues to achieve a comfortable retirement. 

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Key Time Stamps:

-   1:00 – Intro into Pete Hykin and the idea behind Penfold
-   12:00 – Overview of the role of technology in the pension industry 
-   17:00 – How Penfold helps with your pension schemes 
-   18:10 – Does using technology for greater accessibility increase people’s understanding of the pension industry
-   22:50 – How Penfold improves employee wellbeing
-   27:06 – The changes Pete would like to see across the industry
-   35:05 – The importance of HR Professionals in helping their employees achieve a comfortable retirement
-   40:05 – Advice to employees for managing their pension