HR Insights - The Podcast. Series 5: The Evolution of Change

Stuart Elliott

By Stuart Elliott


Beth Banks Cohn

Beth Banks Cohn

It’s Thursday, which means a brand new episode of HR Insights: The Podcast!

This week our host Stuart Elliott had the pleasure of speaking to Beth Banks Cohn around the topical issue of change and how to manage it.

Beth is an accomplished Organisational Consultant, Senior Executive Coach and President/ Founder of ADRA Change Architects. Beth has more than 25 years of success in her career and has worked across a multitude of industries, she helps companies use organisational transformation to reach the next level of growth. 

As mentioned in the episode, through her career Beth has authored numerous publications to aid companies through transformational growth. Taking the Leap: Managing Your Career in Turbulent Times…and Beyond, discusses what does it take to successfully navigate your career in challenging times. Another of her books, Change Smart: Implementing Change Without Lowering Your Bottom Line talks about how change is the key to survival and is now more challenging than ever. We recommend giving these a read!


Today, Stuart and Beth speak about the evolution of change, how it has developed post Covid, why change is still a relevant topic, the 3 parts of the mind and how to make the process of change smoother and more successful. 

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Key Timestamps 

  • 01:37 – Intro into Beth 
  • 07:49 – Why is change still a relevant topic 
  • 10:41 – Change through the pandemic
  • 13:42 – The evolution of change 
  • 17:57 – The 3 parts of the mind 
  • 20:14 – Change Smart 
  • 28:09 – Implementation vs Adoption 
  • 31:18 – Out of touch leaders 
  • 33:05 – Making change smooth 
  • 37:13 – Changing the way you work 
  • 39:34 – Change in HR